Overview of Workflow Conductor Components to Install

Overview of Workflow Conductor Components to Install

Installing WF Conductor for the first time…

WFC r3.5 install components.jpgWorkflow Conductor’s installation interface (shown at right) lists the Components available for install with the Workflow Conductor Installation/Setup application. For a description of each component, see the table below.

NOTE: Previous releases of the Workflow Conductor may have had other components listed. For example, Release 3.x had Legacy Workflow Assemblies listed, but that component has been combined with the Workflow Conductor component in R3.5 and is no longer listed separately.

The Workflow Start Feature listed under Optional Items is new for R3.5. If you don’t see it, you may be installing an earlier version.

Component Description
Workflow Conductor Installs the core Workflow Conductor components, including Conductor Studio, widgets, and reporting Web Parts. As of Release 3.5, it also installs the Legacy Workflow Assemblies, which maintain support for workflows created in previous releases of Workflow Conductor.
Control Panel Adds a page in Central Administration that provides global settings for Conductor and a view of all workflows running across the installed Web applications. This component needs to be installed on the farm servers that run the Central Administration service.
Legacy Workflow Assemblies Installs the Legacy Workflow Assemblies are needed to maintain support for workflows created in previous releases of Workflow Conductor.
Configuration Database Installs the Workflow Conductor Configuration Database utility, which installs and configures the Workflow Conductor database.
Bamboo Feature Activation This component automatically finds and activates specific product features that may not properly activate when automatic activation is selected during the installation. This step doesn’t install any new components, it runs the utility.
Workflow Start Feature The Workflow Start Feature provides the ability to add configurable buttons to the SharePoint item ribbon to allow user to easily start a specific workflow on a selected item. It installs like other components. When installation is complete, see How to configure the Workflow Start Feature for more information.
Bamboo Web License Manager The Bamboo Web License Manager controls the licensing for Bamboo products. It is included in the installation for all Bamboo products. Install it only if you need to activate a purchased license and it has not been previously installed on your SharePoint farm. See Activating Your Bamboo Product License for more information. If you are trialing the Workflow Conductor, you will not need to install this component.