Password Change General Settings

Password Change General Settings

Overview of Password Configuration settings
Step Action Result
1. Click General Settings to open the window where you can define the general behavior of the Password Change Web Part by configuring the following settings.
2. Select the SharePoint Web application zone that is configured to use the authentication provider for which you want to change the user passwords. The available zones are displayed in the Select a Zone drop-down list.

After selecting the Web Application Zone, the Authentication Type, the Membership Provider, and the URL details are displayed automatically.
3. Select the appropriate authentication type.

The Password Change Web Part can be configured to add accounts to the following authentication providers:

  • Active Directory Services (Windows)
  • NT Directory Services (Windows)
  • Forms Based Authentication using the following membership providers:
    • SQL Server membership provider
    • Active Directory membership provider

Authentication providers not specifically listed above are not supported by the Password Change Web Part.