Password Change Policy Display

Password Change Policy Display

Overview of Password Configuration settings

In this section, you can configure the description of your password policy, whether to display the policy, and where to display it.

To configure this section of the Web Part, follow these steps:

Column Description
1. Check the box next to Display Password Policy Description to show the configured text in the Web Part. If you choose not to display this information, uncheck the box and disregard the following steps.

In the Edit password policy text editing area, type the description you would like to display that accurately describes your policy regarding the strength of passwords (length, inclusion of numbers, capital or lowercase letters, special characters, etc.). The edit box contains the formatting options that are typically used in the content editor web part. Bamboo has provided sample text and this should be replaced with your password policy.


NOTE: Editing the password policy text does not change the password policy, only the description that appears in this Web Part. Users with the Design permission level may edit this text, but only the server administrator can change the password policy.

3. Use the Choose the Position of the Policy Text drop-down list to determine where the policy text will be displayed.