Password Reset Zone Configuration

Password Reset Zone Configuration

Overview of Password Reset Configuration settings
Step Action Result
1. Choose a zone, either Default, Intranet, or Internet. As pictured above, the Web Part will display the selected zone’s Authentication Mode (and, where applicable, the Membership Provider) as well as a URL example for that mode. zoneConfig.jpg
You may not have access to any other zone than the default or your environment may be set up so that you do not leverage Internet or Intranet zones. In that case, you will only see Default as the only option.
2. Select the Just show confirmation message option to display only a confirmation message when a password is reset. If this option is not active, the Web Part will show the full set of options after a password is reset.


NOTE: This option makes it easier for users to confirm that their password has been successfully reset, but makes the process of resetting several different passwords via the Web Part take longer.

3. You also need to choose the verification method for resetting user passwords.

If you choose Use e-mail address:

  • Specify whether or not you are using a Local Server User Group.

    • If you are using Active Directory, do not check the Local Server User Group check box.
    • If you are using SharePoint without Active Directory and rely on the Local Server User Group, select the Local Server User Group checkbox.
  • Enter the correct Site Collection URL.

    • Enter the appropriate full URL address to the top-level site.