Knowledge Base Pending Questions

Knowledge Base Pending Questions

Knowledge Base Overview

The Q & A web part allows authors to manage, answer, and create articles based on questions sent by article readers. The “Q & A”, as well as the “Discussions” views can be found in the quick launch bar on the admin site. The Q & A web part points to the “Bamboo KB Rating and Comments” list under site contents.


Q & A View

The “Q & A” view provides a dashboard of questions that can be quickly sorted using the tabs along the top of the web part.


The icons indicate the status of each question:

question.png Pending Question

answered.png Answered Question

needsarticle.png Needs an Article

article.png An Article has been Published for this Question

To view replies so far, click “Replies.” Authors can reply to questions without marking the question as answered, so you may see a question with multiple replies that is still marked un-answered.

Answer or Edit a Question

Click on a question to open an answer prompt.


From the answer prompt you can

  1. Edit the question
  2. Type an answer
  3. Mark the question as answered
  4. Flag the question as needing an article

You can send the answer directly to the user, post it as an answer to the question, or Cancel to close the dialog box.


The “Discussions” view in the quick launch provides an OOTB view of the comments section, with advanced options for filtering and editing.


Clicking on a discussion navigates to the discussion page with a list of replies and option to add a reply at the bottom.


For advanced editing options of the Discussions view, open list settings in the ribbon.