PM Central Project – Documents Tab



Overview of PM Central Hierarchy Overview of the Project Site

The Documents tab provides a hierarchical view of the project site’s Project Documents Library.


1. The standard SharePoint Document Library toolbar lets users:

  • Create New Documents or Folders
  • Upload one or multiple documents
  • Create Alerts and more
2. The tree pane view on the left hand side displays the structure of the document library.

  • Click a folder icon to display the content in the document’s view on the right hand side of the Web Part
  • If there are sub-folders, then click the ‘+’ next to the folder to expand it and to view sub-folders.

    Icon-Tip To add a document to a specific folder, click the folder before you select Create or Upload.

Icon-Tip To DELETE a specific TREE VIEW folder, go to the list that drives this web part page.   The tree view web-part on the page does not allow for deletion. Go to site contents then find a library called Project Documents Library.   From there you can manage the folders and items.

3. Move the vertical scrolling bar to the left or right to display more of the tree pane view or the document display.
4. Document drop down menuClick the document drop down arrow to access the standard SharePoint document library menu items.
5. To change the view, click the Current View drop-down box and select either All Documents or Thumbnails.

  • After you change to the Thumbails view, click on the document folder in the tree view pane to display the thumbnails.

NOTE: The Web Part can be configured to show any other views associated with the document library.