Entering project information in the Project Health list

Entering project information in the Project Health list

Completing the Project Checklist

The Project Health list contains basic information about the project, the contents of which are visible throughout the PM Central hierarchy.

Project Summary dashboard showing Project Health details

When working with the Project Health list keep in mind:

  • There will only be one item in the Project Health list

  • Project Health information for all projects is rolled up and displayed in Project Summary dashboards accessed from the portfolio and applicable department sites Project Central tab

  • Project Health information for the current project is found under the Project Info display on the Project Home tab.

  • To access the Project Health list, click the link found under Project Name Detail of the Project Name column in the Project Summary dashboard

  • Some columns in the Project Health list, including the Key Performance Indicators are not available for editing from the Project Health Edit form.

The Project Health Edit form

Project Health - Edit View
Project Health fields:

1. Green.png
The Project Start Date,Project End Date, and
% Complete fields, will be updated hourly if the Auto Update checkbox is selected

2. Complete the Project Department, Project Type, Project Manager and Priority fields to provide additional information about the project.

Projects with an Active status will have additional key information (tasks, issues, risks, etc) automatically rolled up and displayed in the portfolio site, and applicable department sites.

3. Purple.pngThe Budget Work field must be manually populated with a value if you want to track work with the Budget Work Status KPI

NOTE: If a Budget Work value is not entered the associated Budget Work Status KPI will always be green.

3. Orange.pngThe Budget Cost field must be manually populated with a value if you want to track project’s human cost with the associated Budget Cost Status KPI.

NOTES: 1. Standard rates must be associated with user profiles in order to track costs
2. The Budget Cost Status KPI is not displayed by default.

4. Blue.png These fields are populated with the system calculated total of (Time Entry) fields associated with project tasks when you Update All or Update Progress.

NOTE: By default the (Time Entry) fields in the Task list are not populated, and the value of the fields in the Project Health list will be 0.00

Completing the Project Checklist