Read this BEFORE you create a PM Central site

Read this BEFORE you create a PM Central site

Getting started with PM Central

While PM Central is easy to implement, there are some best practices that should be observed:

  • Make sure that you have a root site collection on the web application where PM Central sites will be created.
    You do not have to use the root site collection for PM Central, it just has to be there.

  • The PM Central Portfolio sites (or any other PM Central sites) should not be created at the top of the site collection.
    PM Central site templates have been hidden in Central Administration in PM Central 4.0 and later releases, but it is worth emphasizing the point.

  • The top site of the site collection should be a SharePoint Team Site.
    Do not use a Publishing template for the root site of the site collection where PM Central sites will be created.
  • It is recommended (but not required) that PM Central be created is its own site collection. This allows greater administrative flexibility when it comes to backing up content, migrations etc.
    You should strongly consider using a separate site collection if changes have made to Master Pages and/or the Themes, Look and Feel are inherited by other sites in the site collection
  • Sites in PM Central should not be created using SharePoint’s New Site dialog box.
    Use the PM Central specific tools to create Portfolio, Department and Project sites. Information about accessing and using these tools is part of the Getting Started.. guide.
  • Icon-WarningDo not delete any of the columns in the default PM Central lists, or delete any of the lists themselves.
    Doing so will impact your ability to upgrade to newer versions of this product. It may also render some functionality inoperable. Review the Customization guide before making changes in the application.