Configuring PM Central’s site creation tool

Configuring PM Central’s site creation tool

Site Creation Plus is configured to simplify the overall site creation process in PM Central. No additional configuration of the Web Part is required, however you may want to modify the configuration settings to use another default template, or to predefine the permissions that will be used on the site.

When working with Site Creation Plus keep in mind:

  • You can configure the web part to display PM Central templates that were customized for your organization.

  • Customized “Lite” PM Central templates will not be displayed in Site Creation Plus, due to a known limitation. Click here for information on creating sites from a customized Lite template.

  • The columns available for display in the Project Health section of the Site Creation Plus Web Part are hard coded. Custom columns created in the Project Health list will not be displayed in this Web Part.

  • When used in PM Central the Site Creation Plus Web Part has configuration options that are specific to the application, such as the inclusion of Project Health information.

The Site Creation Plus Configuration tool pane

Site Creation PLus configuration tool pnae

A. Site Creation Plus is configured to use the text entered into the Title field as the site URL.

B. The Site Templates drop-down presents all the site templates available in the site collection

C. The Available template selector will only PM Central project or department templates. This will include any custom templates created for your organization.

Use the < or > arrows to add or removed templates from the Selected template box
Icon-Tip Consider removing the Bamboo Project Site – Custom with Sample Data from the selected templates. For more information about the template options click here.

D. Use the selector to remove any Project Health columns that are not used by your organization

E. If the site creator chooses to use Unique Permissions, three new user groups will be created. The naming convention can include either the Title or Description entered by the end user.

F. Administrators can remove the permissions section of the user display and predefine if sites will use inherited or unique permissions.Hide permissions radio buttons

G. By default, users will be taken to the new site on creation.

Configure Site Creation Plus to use a custom PM Central template

1. Use the Add New Project link under the Central Actions menu or the Create New Project… button on the portfolio home page to access the Site Creation Plus Web Part page

Links to create a new PMC site

NOTE: The page will need to be in edit mode for you to access the Web Part’s configuration tool pane.

2. Use the selector arrows to add the customized PM Central template(s) to the list of available templates and remove templates that should not be used. (C)

3. Arrange the available templates so the desired default PM Central project template is at the top of the list (C)

4. Optional: Determine which Project Health columns will be available from this web part (D.)

5. Optional: Predefine what permissions will be associated with the site on creation (F & E)

6. Click Save & Close and stop editing the page to see your changes.