PM Central Portfolio – Project Central

PM Central Portfolio – Project Central

Overview of PM Central Hierarchy Overview of the Portfolio Site

Project Central is the default home page of the portfolio site.

Image of the Portfolio Home Page

Name /Web Part Description
1. PMC Message Configuration Web Part

PM Central Custom Web Part

The Warning message displayed in the custom PMC Message Configuration web part provides a reminder to complete the site’s Configuration Checklist. The warning text will remain on the page until all Mandatory items in the checklist have a Closed status. A Complete welcome message will be displayed when all Mandatory items are closed.

2. All Department Sites

PM Central Custom Web Part

The All Department Sites custom web part will only be displayed on the page after a department site has been created using the provided site creation tool.

  • By default, the display will include the URL to the department site and information about the Department Manager, as well as any notes relating to the department.

  • This information is kept in the Department list on the portfolio site

3. Create New… button

PM Central Custom Web Part

This button, which provides a quick link to the PM Central site creation tool, will only be visible to users who have the Create Sub-sites SharePoint permission. This permission is associated, by default, with the Full Control permission level.

Keep in mind:

  • The Create New.. button is only found on the Portfolio home page (default.aspx), but you can easily access the page to Add a New Project from the link found in the Central Actions menu
4. SharePoint Navigator

The Project Central tab defaults to the Active Project View under All Projects. Users can view Pending Project, Completed Projects, Cancelled Projects and All Project views by clicking their respective icons.

  • The My Projects links provide similar displays, but only for projects where the logged-in user has been assigned as the Project Manager
5. Project Summary

Bamboo Data Viewer Web Part

Project Name and Site Path links in the Project SummaryThe Project Summary displays high-level status information for each project, including % Complete, Project Start Date and Project End Date. This information, including the displayed KPI’s is maintained in the project site’s Project Health list.

Keep in mind:

  • Select the link under the Project Name header to view/edit project related data, or click the link under Site Path to access the project site.

  • The contents of the Project Summary display are security trimmed and the web part will show 25 items per page by default.

  • When Auto Update is selected in a Project Health list the Bamboo Update… Tasks Timer job will be responsible for updating the contents of the Project Start Date, Project End Date and % Complete field’s

  • Enabling filtering in the Data-Viewer web part will allow users to avoid the need to page to find project information.

6. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Project Health Key Performance IndicatorsThe Key Performance Indicators associated with the Project Health list provide insight into the health of projects.

  • Information about the KPI settings is available here.

Overview of PM Central Hierarchy Overview of the Portfolio Site