Color printing of a Calendar Plus view

Color printing of a Calendar Plus view

Overview of Calendar Plus user display

Print icon on far right of calendar toolbar If Calendar Plus has been configured to allow printing, the print icon will be visible in the upper right corner of the Calendar Plus display.

Clicking the print icon opens an HTML browser, and printing capabilities are dependent your browser and desktop OS.

Bamboo supports Microsoft Internet Explorer or higher on Windows for SharePoint 2007, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher on Windows for SharePoint 2010 and 2013.

Enable Internet Explorer to print background color:

Internet Explorer 9 or higher

Step Action Result
1. Before printing, click File (Alt+f) in the IE toolbar and click Page Setup… IE 9 File drop down menu

Check the box to Print Background Colors and Images

Keep in Mind:

  • Printing changes within Internet Explorer are temporary.

Page setup screen

Internet Explorer 8

Step Action Result
1. From the Internet Explorer toolbar select Tools > Internet Options IE8 Tools drop down menu

Click the Advanced tab and scroll to the Printing section and select the Print Background colors and images checkbox

NOTE: Internet Explorer may need to be closed and re-opened before this change takes effect

IE8 Advanced tab