PM Central Project Control Panel – Application Actions

PM Central Project Control Panel – Application Actions

Overview of Project PMC Control Panel

The options presented under the Application Actions header in the PM Central Control Panel are security trimmed, so the features available to users will depend on whether they have Full Control or Design permissions on the site.

Image: PM Central Application Actions in project site Control Panel

Link Permissions Function
Delete list items Full Control / Design This feature allows you to delete all of the items contained within a specific list at one time or multiple lists at the same time. Delete list tool

Icon-WarningImportant: Only use this option if you want to delete all the items within a list.

Archive list & list items Full Control only

Allows site owners to archive the contents of the Tasks, Risks or Issues lists. Drop-down selector

There are 2 archive options available:
Option 1: Archive Items
This will change the Phase Status of all items in the list to Inactive. The items will still be visible from the list but will not be rolled up or included in any PM Central calculations.
Archive Items button

Option 2: Archive List
This will copy the contents of the selected list into another list on the project site and then delete the items from the originating list. Archive List

Show or Hide columns of list forms Full Control only

This feature allows you to hide or show all of the contained information within a PM Central Tasks list or Project Health list.

This is the only supported method for hiding columns in PM Central. Do not delete columns from PM Central lists.

1. Select the Tasks list or the Project Health list from the drop-down selectorLists in drop-down selector

2. Uncheck columns that you want to hide from the available views of the list.

NOTE: The Assigned To column cannot be hidden from the Tasks list

Hide/Show columns tool

3. Click OK. You will get a confirmation that the update was completed successfully.

NOTE: Use the column ordering settings link to modify the order of columns in the list forms.