PM Central Project Resource Reports

PM Central Project Resource Reports

Overview of Project PMC Control Panel Overview of Project Resource Center


When working with the Resource Allocation and Capacity Planning Reports keep in mind:

  • Only Users with Full Control or Design permissions can configure access the Resource Center to view resource reports.

  • By default, resource reports will be updated daily, starting at 11:45 AM.

The following options are available when working with the PM Central Resource Reports:

Resource report toolbar

  • Change the report year displayed

  • Save report information to the Resource Work Allocation Summary list on the portfolio site

  • Print the reports or export to Excel

Resource Allocation and Capacity Planning Reports:

Report Name Description
All Assignment Allocations All Assignment Allocations displays the resources’ total allocation per month for the project, grouped by year. This lets you track how much work all of your resources are accumulating across the portfolio.
By Resource Allocation By Resource Allocation shows the total allocation per month for each resource assigned to the project, grouped by year.
Resource Availability

Resource Availability displays the resources’ remaining availability. Availability is determined by deducting a users task assignments from their capacity per month.

  • Capacity is determined by the Work Hours and Holidays entered in the Resource Center Settings, and the Maximum Unit value associated with each resource.

  • If the resource has available time, the number of available hours is shown in green.

  • If the resource has too many tasks, the resource’s availability is shown as a negative number in red.

Find Available Resources

Find Available Resources lets you find available resources that you can request and assign to task for your projects.

  • A user’s role is specified in the Resource Pool