Using the Resource Assignments Gantt chart

Using the Resource Assignments Gantt chart

The Resource Assignments Gantt Chart provides a visual summary of resource assignments.

When working with the Resource Assignments Gantt report keep in mind:

  • Only users with Full Control or Design permissions can access the Resource Center by way of the site’s PM Central Control Panel.

  • Assignments are only displayed when a resource has been associated with a task, using with the Assigned To or Resource fields in the task.

  • The information in this Web Part will be updated automatically by a timer job that is scheduled to run on a daily basis, or when you select the Run Now button.

  • The scope of the information displayed in the report will depend on where the Resource Assignment page is accessed:

The Resource Assignments Gantt Chart

1. Print the grid with the task information, just the Gantt chart, or both from the drop down menu.
Drop down print menu options

Use the Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons to view tasks in the Gantt view from daily (Zoom In) to monthly (Zoom Out).

NOTE: After you click the Zoom In or Zoom Out buttons, there may be a brief delay as the Gantt view is rendering the appropriate view.

3. Click + or to expand or collapse information in the assignment grid. When collapsed only the black summary bar depicting the total duration of the resource’s assignments will be displayed. Assignment Summary bar

Show column selectorChoose which columns to display in the left-hand pane by selecting the desired columns from the Show Columns drop-down list, then click the green arrow to update the display.

Selecting and already checked box will remove it from the grid

Note: The drop down menu will refresh after each selection.

5. Click Run Now to force the Bamboo Gantt Chart Timer job to run immediately, updating the contents of the report.
6. Page through the tasks and resources by clicking the arrow.
The number of items shown per page can be changed in the web parts configuration tool pane.

Choose your view using the drop-down list to the right of the Web Part toolbar:

  • View by All Assignments: This default view displays tasks grouped by Assignment.

  • View by Project: Assignments are grouped by Project, then by the Assigned user Resource Assignment Gantt grouped by project

NOTE: View by Project is not available when accessing the Resource Assignments Gantt chart from a project site.

  • View by Due Date: Assignments are arranged by their completion status (On Time, Overdue, or a future due date).
    Resource Assignment Gantt grouped by Due Date

  • View by Enterprise Resource Pool: Resources are grouped by their SharePoint Membership as it is defined on the project site. If the user has not been granted permissions to a project site through a SharePoint group, tasks associated with that site will show under the heading No GroupResource Assignment Gantt grouped by site groups

8. moving the grid linePlace your cursor over the gray vertical bar between the assignment grid and the Gantt chart to show or hide either side.