Running the Alert Plus Utility via the Command Line

Running the Alert Plus Utility via the Command Line

The Alert Plus Utility has four tabs:

  • Upgrade Alert Plus
  • Register Site
  • Event Registration Info
  • Update Event Receivers

When you run the utility via the Command Line, the utilities on the Upgrade Alert Plus tab are run. No other tabs can be processed via Command Line at this time. When you run the utility from the interface, you can process only one site at a time. Running from the Command Line allows you to process multiple sites at once.

NOTE: This is targeted to SharePoint 2007 users because there is a PowerShell script available for SharePoint 2010/2013. See Upgrade all the Alert Plus Sites in a Site Collection or Web Application via PowerShell for more information.

To run the Alert Plus Utility via Command Line follow these steps:

Step Action

The Alert Plus Utility is part of the Alert Plus installation files. It is located in the Bamboo.AlertPlusUtilities folder.

Alert Plus Utility install

NOTE: Use release or newer of this utility if you want to run it from the command line. The version is shown on the user interface.

2. Run as AdministratorFrom a SharePoint Web Front End (WFE) server where the Alert Plus installation files reside, go to Start > Command, and run the command prompt as administrator.

Change the directory to where the utility resides and run:

Bamboo.AlertPlusUtility -[Scope] "[URL]"


  • [Scope]
    • webappurl – Run the utility for all Sites in the Web Application
    • siteurl – Run the utility for all Sites in the Site Collection
    • weburl – Run the utility in a specific Web (Subsite)
  • [URL] The URL for the Web App, Site Collection, or Web


Bamboo.AlertPlusUtility -webappurl "http://sharepoint/"

A log will be written to the local directory. The log will contain urls and feedback for all of the sites containing the Alert+ Configuration list.

NOTE: If the log file contains errors you are unable to resolve, please create a Support Ticket via My Bamboo and send a copy of the log file

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