Saving workflow templates

Saving workflow templates

Overview of Workflow Conductor Templates

To save a workflow template, follow these steps:

Step Action
1. Save option on menu R4.jpgClick the Save button in the Workflow Conductor ribbon.

save template R4.jpgIn the window that appears, enter a Workflow Name and an optional Description. If you’ve already given the workflow a name and description, they will be displayed.

If the workflow template already exists (and was created by you), click Overwrite existing files.

If desired, check the Add to Shared box to share the template with other workflow designers.

cannot overwrite an existing workflow.jpg

If you fail to check the overwrite box and you were the designer of a template with the same name, a warning will appear.

Icon-WarningIMPORTANT: Workflow uniqueness is defined by the template name and the designer or status (i.e., Shared, Featured). Therefore, if a workflow called Send Email created by Tom Jones exists, Joan Brown can save a template called Send Email as well. Multiple templates with the same name cannot be shared.

3. cannot save without a name.jpgIf you forget to name your workflow template before attempting to save it, the Workflow Name box will be highlighted in red as shown. You cannot save a template without a name.
4. save before publishing R4.jpgYou may try to Publish your workflow before saving the template. If so, you will be prompted with the message shown. We strongly recommend that you save the template before publishing.

pub without saving R4.jpgIf you click No to the prompt, deciding not to save the template before publishing, a warning message will be presented. You can choose to proceed to publish without saving, however it is not advisable.