Schedule an Export to Run Unattended

Schedule an Export to Run Unattended

Overview of Export Options

After successfully configuring a List Bulk Export session and saving the settings to a configuration template file, you can schedule an export job to be run unattended through Windows NT scheduler.

Follow these steps to schedule an Export Job:

Step Action

HW33 Task Scheduler.pngCreate a new scheduled task in the NT Scheduler on the machine where the List Bulk Export application is licensed.

On Windows PCs, this is typically done by selecting Task Scheduler from the Start menu.


Configure the scheduled task to run the following command line:

 "[Path and Filename of the Export Executable]" /s /t "[Path and Filename of 
 the configuration template file]"


  • /s tells the program to run without displaying the user interface
  • /t precedes the path and filename of the export configuration template

In addition to the *.xml configuration template file, the export process also references a file called Bamboo.BulkExport.exe.config file in the same directory as the executable file. The Bamboo.BulkExport.exe.config file tells the export process:

  • whether it should run as the interactive user (which would be the user the scheduled task is configured to run as) or as a custom account,
  • the credentials to use if running as a custom account; and,
  • the name of the configuration file (i.e., ExportTemplate.xml) to use, if not passed on the command line

An example of a valid command line:

 "C:Program FilesBamboo Solutions CorporationBamboo Bulk
 ExportBamboo.BulkExport.exe" /s /t "C:Program FilesBamboo 
 Solutions CorporationBamboo Bulk ExportExportTemplate.xml"

Icon-WarningIMPORTANT: The scheduled task will run as the user who created the scheduled task or as someone you specify when configuring the scheduled task. Make sure this user has the appropriate SharePoint permission levels to access the items you need to export.