Schedule an Import to Run Unattended

Schedule an Import to Run Unattended

Overview of Import Options

If you have a large import that you want to run, you should consider scheduling the import to occur during a period of minimum activity on your SharePoint farm. Scheduling imports to run unattended is also useful if you have an import process that needs to run periodically with the same configuration parameters.

Icon-WarningIMPORTANT: Before scheduling an import to run unattended, you must have configured the import and saved the parameters in a configuration file. This is done as the last step in an import process.

Step Action
1. HW18 - ImportScheduler.jpgFrom the main List Bulk Import interface, click Import Scheduler.

HW18 - ImportScheduler2.jpgChoose the Import Template by clicking the magnifying glass icon to browse to the desired location.

Enter a Task Name and a Task Description in the designated fields.

In the Task Settings area, choose the import frequency:

  • One Time. Choose the Start Date and Time by typing the value in the box or using the calendar drop-down menu and time arrows.
  • Daily. In addition to the Start Date and Time, select the daily frequency to import (1-5).
  • Weekly. In addition to the Start Date and Time, select the day of the week for recurring imports.

When ready, click Apply to create the job. Otherwise, click Cancel to close the dialog without scheduling anything.

If/when you need to modify the import schedule, see Modify a Scheduled Import.