Configure List Search Results

Configure List Search Results

Overview of the Simple Search Configuration Tool Pane

hw11a_SettingsResultsConfig.jpg The Search Results Configuration settings define how search results are displayed in the List Search Simple Web Part. These settings provide you a way to customize what you prefer your users within your environment can see and interact with when they use List Search Simple. Listed in the table below are the sections of the web part settings that you can control to optimize search results for your organization.

Define the columns and view options for the search results grid:

Section Description Display
Use existing list view

When this option is checked, the columns displayed in the search results, number of items displayed, and the item sort order will match the settings configured for the list view selected in the Available List Views drop-down list.

Additionally, checking Display List View Selector will allow end users to select an existing list view to determine which columns are shown in the search results.


NOTE: Changing the list view configuration in the SharePoint list will affect the search results display in List Search Simple.

Define custom view options

If you are worried about someone changing your selected list view without letting you know, you can configure the search results display options specifically for this instance of your List Search Simple. Choose this option.

Select the columns to be displayed by highlighting the column in the Available Columns list and clicking the > button to move it into the Selected Columns list.

Control the number of items to display per results page as well as the item sort order.


Icon-Tip Highlight several columns at once by holding the CTRL key while selecting the next column in the Available Columns list.

Search Result Options


  • Display both search criteria and search results: When this option is checked, search results will be displayed below the search criteria. When the option is unchecked, the search criteria will be replaced by search results.
  • Allow printing of search results: When this option is checked, the Print button is available on the search results screen.
  • Allow export of search results to Excel: When this option is checked, the Export to Excel button is available on the search results screen.
  • Enable filtering from column headers: When this option is checked, users can filter and sort search results using the column headers as filter and sort values to narrow and sort their search respectively.
  • Enable CallOut Preview Menu (Availble for Document Libraries in SharePoint 2013 Only): When this option is enabled, classic context menu will be replaced with SharePoint 2013 callout menu that display the preview of the document as well as other properties to manage document.
  • Highlight search terms in results: When this option is enabled, search queries and terms are highlighted in the result set.