Select the Recurrence Option for your Schema-based Rollup

Select the Recurrence Option for your Schema-based Rollup

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If you are rolling up Calendar lists or lists with Events in them, you need to consider what you want to do about recurring/repeating events in your rollup.

One great benefit of a List Rollup is that it will show recurring events as single events, unlike the way they appear in an out-of-the-box SharePoint list view. This means that you can show the single events separately in the List Rollup Grid View Web Part or alert on a single event.

However, for performance reasons, it’s good to limit the number of single events from a repeating event that are included in the rollup since it takes time to process them. Often, recurring events are configured with No end date since that is the SharePoint default (see below). That’s OK when you’re displaying them in a Calendar with one month displayed at a time, but not necessarily when you are displaying them in a list.

no end date repeating item.png

To limit the number of repeating events to include in your rollup, follow these steps:

Step Action

If you are not aggregating items of type Event, the Define Recurrence button will be grayed and you don’t need to worry about configuring it.

hw24 lrsd recurrence gray.jpg

NOTE: The Define Recurrence button, like all other configuration buttons, will also be grayed if a list has not yet been selected.


If you are aggregating events, you should configure the recurrence section. Click Define Recurrence to open the dialog.

hw24 lrsd recurrence.jpg

Icon-WarningIMPORTANT: If you do not define recurrence, the rollup will include only the first item in the series and any individual occurrences that were modified separately from the series.


Choose whether you want to expand recurring (or repeating) events. If you choose to expand them, choose how many periods before and after today and then choose the period. The choices for period are: Day, Month, and Year.

NOTE: Today is the day the List Rollup runs. In other words, that would be the day that an end user visits a page that displays the contents of a List Rollup Schema-based rollup.

hw24 lrsd define recurrence.jpg
4. When ready, click Save to save your configuration and close the dialog. Otherwise, click Cancel to close the dialog without saving anything.

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