Server Topology

Server Topology

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In the Server Topology section, choose the location of your Microsoft Exchange Server. If you are connecting to an Exchange Server hosted on Microsoft Office 365, select the Exchange and SharePoint on different domains option.

Exchange and SharePoint in the same domain


You must select at least one mailbox to display in Team Calendar. The first calendar you configure is the primary mailbox.

  • Primary Mailbox User Name
  • Primary Mailbox Password
    • Enter a valid Exchange User Name and Password for the primary mailbox into the corresponding fields.
  • Web Service URL
    • Enter the Web Service URL for your Exchange server. This is the address you use to access your Exchange server from a Web browser. This address is usually similar to the example listed in the tool pane.

Configure Different Domains

Exchange and SharePoint in the different domains (Exchange 2010 only) To connect to an Exchange server on a different domain, the server must be running Microsoft Exchange 2010. You will also need to select which authentication type to use to connect to the Exchange server on the other domain. Select an authentication type from the Client Credential Type list. If you are not sure which type to use, contact your server administrator.
Client Credential Type
Icon-Tip If you select the wrong authentication type, testing the connection will usually tell you which authentication type should be used instead. See How to Test E-mail AutoConfiguration.