Configure the Alert Plus Event Tab

Configure the Alert Plus Event Tab

Create a new alert

3Tabs.gifAlert Plus has three tabs where parameters for an alert need to be configured.
We will discuss the Event Tab here. For information on the other tabs, click the links below.

B – Recipients Tab
C – Mail Format Tab

Event Tab

AlertPlusSteps.gifAlert Plus is very flexible and has a variety of ways you can set up alerts. Configure the Alert Plus Event Tab following the steps below.

Step Action Result
1. Give your Alert a title and set its status (e.g., Enable or Disable).

The information you type into the Title box is saved into the web part. The default status is Enable. If you switch to Disable, the alert will not be triggered, but all configurations will be saved.

Icon-Tip You won’t be able to save your alert without a title.

2. Decide where the items that trigger the alert reside. Choose a SharePoint List or Library or a Bamboo List Rollup. Your selection dictates the source of the data for your alert.
3. Enter the URL of the site where your list/library resides or where your List Rollup is defined. Click the “Load” button to load the available lists/libraries or List Rollups.

Icon-Tip Whenever possible, enter a relative URL rather than an absolute path to a site.


Pick the list that stores the items that you want to alert on.

NOTE: If you pick a Calendar list, you will specify how you want to handle recurring events.


5. Select the alert trigger type.
Your selection dictates how the alert will be processed. See Which Trigger Type Should You Use for more information about trigger types and some examples.
6. Decide how frequently an email will be sent.


In addition to the frequency of the alerts, you also have the option to combine multiple alerts into a summary notification. See How often should E-mails be Sent and Combine Alerts into a Summary Alert for more information.

Pick which items in the list can generate the alert. Depending on your choice, the interface may change.

  1. All items: This generates an alert on all items in the list based on the trigger type selected in Step 5 above. For example, if the trigger type is An item in the list is created, and All Items is selected here, an email will be generated for all new items when they are created.
  2. Items in a List View opens a drop down selection containing available views for the list selected. If you choose this option with the An item in the list is created trigger type, an email will be generated whenever an item is created and appears in the selected view.

  3. Some Items (Advanced) opens the Crtieria Builder to allow you to build filter criteria that determines which items generate an alert. See CAML Criteria Builder for more information.