Set Variable Widget

Set Variable Widget

Variables store data while the workflow is running. They can be accessed and manipulated by widgets, and some widgets may require that a variable be created to store results. The contents of workflow variables are accessed using a lookup when the workflow runs.

To create a variable, click Add Variable to open the Workflow Variables form. Enter a Name for the variable, select a data Type, and optionally define a Default Value. Click Add to add the new variable to the workflow. If you later want to delete a variable, return to the Workflow Variables form and click the button next to the variable.

Workflow variables can also be added directly from widgets that use variables, using the Create new variable link. This link is a shortcut to the Workflow Variables form.

NOTE: After adding, updating, or deleting variables using the Workflow Variables Form, always click Save Changes.

The Set Variable widget sets the value of an existing workflow variable.

Widget Properties:

Column Description
Select Variable (Required) Select an existing workflow variable from the list. Create variables in the Workflow Settings tab in the settings pane, or click the Create new variable link next to the variable list.
Set Value (Required) Enter a Value for the variable by typing text in the property field or by clicking the Add Lookup icon (Button-AddLookup) to add a lookup. Some variable types will have additional ways to enter values. For example, a Date/Time variable will activate the Calendar icon (Icon-Calendar), which you can use to select a date.
Click Apply to save the widget settings.

Example of Set Variable Widget

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