Subscribe to a Blog

Subscribe to a Blog

If you would like to subscribe to a blog to be notified about new posts, comments, and other changes to blog content, use one of the following two options:

Icon-AlertMe Configure a SharePoint alert

SA15_AlertBlogs.jpgConfiguring a SharePoint alert allows you to be notified by email when there is a change to blog content.

  • You can configure alerts for multiple blogs.
  • Site Members and Visitors will receive blog alerts after the content has been approved.
  • Site Administrators and Moderators will also receive alerts for blog content having a pending status.

Icon-RSS Subscribe to the RSS feed for a blog

You can subscribe to the RSS feed for a blog just as you can for any other SharePoint list. Follow the instructions above for creating a SharePoint alert, but click on the RSS Feed button instead of Alert Me. In the RSS Feed page, click Subscribe to this feed.

For information about configuring and viewing RSS feeds using Internet Explorer, see How to use RSS feeds in Internet Explorer 9 on

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