Subscribe User to Alert

Subscribe User to Alert

The Subscribe User to Alert widget subscribes one or more users to alerts for a specific list or item. This widget provides the same features provided by the SharePoint Set alert on this list and Set alert on this item options.

Widget Properties:

Column Description
Send Alert To (Required)

Enter a user or users to send the alert to, using one of the methods below. The alert will automatically be sent to the email address associated with the user (the email address cannot be customized in the widget).

  • Type a SharePoint or Active Directory display name or account name for the user and click the Check User icon (Icon-Checkmark).
  • Click the Lookup User icon (Icon-UserLookup) to search for a SharePoint or Active Directory user in the User Lookup form.
  • Enter a lookup to user data using the Add Lookup button (Button-AddLookup) in the User Lookup form.
Alert Settings (Required)
  • Alert Type: Select List to create an alert for changes to any item in the list, or Item to create an alert for a specific list item.
    • Select the list or item to alert on:
      • Select Current List or Current Item to create the alert on the list or item the workflow is started on.
      • Select Other List or Other Item to create an alert for a different list or item. Select the site collection, site, and list where you want to create the alert. For item alerts, specify the item you want to alert on by defining filter criteria. You can create alerts on existing lists or items, or on lists or items created during the workflow by using lookups.
  • Alert Settings: Configure the specific alert options for this alert.
    • For list alerts, enter an alert title, select the types of changes to be alerted about, and select an alert frequency.
    • For item alerts, enter an alert title and select an alert frequency.
Run As This widget can run with the permissions of the workflow initiator, the workflow designer, or another user. Select the option in the Run As property that best matches your requirement. For more information, see the Common Widget Properties topic.
Click Apply to save the widget settings.

Example Using Subscribe User Alert

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