The Bamboo Technical Library™

The Bamboo Technical Library™


The Bamboo Technical Library™ can help you achieve better SharePoint solution-building results. With Bamboo’s entire set of products for SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, and SharePoint 2013 at your disposal, you can quickly create application prototypes and test working pre-production solutions.

Solution integrators can use the The Bamboo Technical Library™ to create proven, stable, no-code customer solutions. Businesses of all sizes can use the The Bamboo Technical Library™ to validate employee productivity gains. Organizations can use it to allow non-developers and groups outside of IT to test “proof-of-concept” solutions before making heavy project investments.

TechLib The TechLib™ Subscription includes full single-server, non-production licenses to all Bamboo Web Parts, Accelerators, and Applications (such as SharePoint Project Management Central). It also includes a license to Bamboo’s Workflow Conductor™. Product licenses are valid for one year from the date of purchase and can be easily extended for multiple years. This helps you to make the most of Bamboo products by allowing you to test drive them without the hassle of expiring trials. The The Bamboo Technical Library™ also includes a Basic Support Contract, access to online tutorials and technical resources, utilities, Bamboo Labs, and early access to product updates and new releases. You’ll find that creating applications for SharePoint has never been easier!

The The Bamboo Technical Library™ includes:

  • 50+ Web Parts and Components
  • 10+ Solution Accelerators
  • SharePoint Project Management Central™
  • Workflow Conductor™

Log in to My Bamboo and click the Bamboo TechLib™ link on the Subscriptions tab for a complete list of products included with your subscription.