The Installation/Setup program hangs

The Installation/Setup program hangs

This sometimes happens when a component is partially installed.

Check the Farm Solutions to see if one has an Error status. Be sure to check the Bamboo.Telerik.Config solution as it has been known to cause this problem. If you see an error, follow these steps to retract and remove it.

Step Action Result

Access the Manage Farm Solutions page in Central Administration by clicking System Settings > Manage Farm Solutions.

NOTE: If you are using WSSv3/MOSS, click Operations > Solutions Management to get to this page.

The solutions installed on the farm are listed.
ca soln mgmt 2010.png
2. Find the solution with the error, typically it is Bamboo.Telerik.Config. Click it. Details about the deployement of that solution are shown.
Retract solution in CA on 2010.png
3. On the Deployment details page, choose to retract the solution by clicking the Retract link. Details about the retraction are shown.
CA retract details 2010.png
4. On the page displayed, choose to retract from All content Web applications and click OK. Once a solution is completely retracted, it can be removed from the farm.
5. Click Remove to remove the solution from the farm.
6. Re-attempt your install. Refer to How to run the Installation-Setup Program for more information.