TTM Administrative Time data-source options

TTM Administrative Time data-source options

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Administrative Time lets you track employee’s categorized non project hours, such as vacation or sick time, or time spent on administrative tasks such as support or maintenance activities in the Time Tracking and Management (TTM) timesheet.

Keep in mind:

  • Admin Tasks in web partThe Timesheet Entry Web Part is configured by default to reference the local Administrative Time list that is created with the TTM site. This list contains the following default items:
    • Administrative
    • Sick
    • Vacation
  • By default, tasks in the identified Administrative Tasks list will be included on the timesheets of all users.

  • Changing the Timesheet Entry Web Part’s default configuration to reference a custom list is optional

To configure Timesheet Entry to use a custom Administrative Time list:

NOTE: The following steps require you to have accessed the Timesheet Entry Configuration Settings screens by clicking the Timesheet Entry Web Part Settings button in the Web Part’s configuration tool pane.

Action Result
1. From the Timesheet Entry configuration screen, click the Administrative Time List button under Data Source Settings in the navigation tool pane. Image of the Navigation Pane The configuration screen will be displayed on the right side of the pop-up window

By default the Timesheet Entry Web Part uses the local Administrative Time list as the data source. If you will use this list, skip to step 5 for additional information on configuring the Web Part.

  • Information on editing the categories associated with the Administrative Time list is available here

Enter the site where the custom list is located, then click the green arrow

Both absolute paths (http:// server name/site ) or relative paths(./Site/) can be used for the site URL.

Icon-WarningIMPORTANT: Although you can enter a URL for another Site Collection, be careful about going across Web Applications. You may have issues if the other web app has a significantly different security setup.

Administrative list configuration screen
3. Pick the custom list from the Select Administrative Time drop down selector.


Map columns from the list to the columns shown on the left.

Administrative Time column name Description
Task Name The task name will be displayed in the timesheet.
Billing Category If your task list has a column that defines different billing categories, such as “Standard”, “Administrative”, etc., select it here.
Project Name The name all administrative time will be grouped under in the timesheet.
Assigned To Map this column to the task list column that includes the SharePoint user account assigned to the task. If a user is assigned the task will only be displayed on this user’s timesheet.
Billable Select the Yes/No column that indicates whether an administrative task is billable.
Planned Work If you want to track the amount of time planned for a task against the time actually entered for it, select the column in the list that contains the planned work.

Configuration tool paneYou have now configured the Web Part to use a custom list as the Administrative Tasks data source.

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