Update Item Widget

Update Item Widget

The Update Item widget updates one or more fields for an item in a list or library.

Widget Properties:

Column Description
Item (Required)

Click the Icon-Ellipsis button to select fields to update:

  • Select item:

  • Select Current Item (the default) to update the item the workflow was started on.

  • Select External List Lookup to update an item in another list in the site, site collection, or another site in another site collection:

    • To update an item in another list in the current site, select a list in the List box. To update an item to a list in another site or site collection, make the desired selections in the u and Site boxes and then select from the List of available lists and libraries.
    • To identify the item in the library that you want to update, select a Filter Field and enter a match criteria in the Equals box, either by typing one or by adding a lookup using the Add Lookup icon (Icon-Search). If more than one item matches the criteria, the first item returned is updated.
  • Fields to update

  • Available fields in the list or library are added to the form when you select a list or library.

  • To specify a new value for a field, check the box in front of the field name and enter a value using one of the following methods:

    • Choose a field value (for Choice and Yes/No fields)
    • Enter text in the field text box
    • Add a lookup using the Add Lookup icon (Icon-Search)
  • To remove a field from the list of fields to update, uncheck the checkbox in front of the field name.

Run As This widget can run with the permissions of the workflow initiator, the workflow designer, or another user. Select the option in the Run As property that best matches your requirement. For more information, see the Common Widget Properties topic.
Click Apply to save the widget settings.

Examples Using Update Item Widget

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