Update the Contacts List

Update the Contacts List

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Depending on how you choose to configure it, the Schedule Board tracks and displays the in/out status of all users in either the SharePoint User Information List OR a Contacts list created by the Schedule Board site template.

  • If configured to use the User Information List, the Schedule Board will always include available status information for all users on the list.

But if you configured In/Out Schedule Board to use a Contacts list, you must manually add and remove users to and from the list.If you’ve chosen this option to manage your Schedule Board contacts via the Contacts List, use the following procedure to access the list, where you can add and remove users as needed.

Step Action Result
1. Navigate to your all site contents and select the Contacts list you are using. 2010Contacts.jpg
In SharePoint 2013, your lists are considered Apps, but they contain the contacts.
2. To add a new contact

In order to track in/out status, the Schedule Board requires a valid login ID to be associated with each user. If you know the exact name of the person you are adding, enter the name into the User Login Id field, and click the Check Names icon.

  • If this doesn’t return a match, or you don’t know the exact name of the person for whom you’re looking, click the Browse icon, and use the standard Select People screen that appears to search for the appropriate valid user name.

When you’re done filling out the required fields, along with any additional information you want viewable from the Schedule Board, click OK.

  • Your new contact will now be available to list on the Schedule Board.
3. To remove an existing contact:


  • Move the cursor to the contact you want to delete, and click Delete Item from the drop-down menu that appears.

  • If you are sure you want to remove this person from the Contacts list, click OK to confirm.

  • The contact will no longer be available to list on the Schedule Board.