Upgrade to PM Central 4.3

Upgrade to PM Central 4.3

Upgrading is what you do when you want a new PMC release on your existing farm. If you are interested in migrating from one version of SharePoint to another version (i.e., SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013), please see the topics under Migrating to a new SharePoint version….

NOTE: Only PMC R3.0 or R3.5 can be upgraded directly to PM Central 4.x release (4.0/4.1/4.2/4.3) If you have an earlier release, you will need to upgrade to R3.0 or R3.5 before upgrading to R4.x.

To upgrade to PM Central 4.3 follow these steps:

Step Action
Part A: Upgrade PM Central Core Components
1. Before starting the PM Central upgrade review the best practices for a successful install
2. Restart the SharePoint Timer Service and SharePoint Administrative Services on any server in the farm running the Microsoft Foundation Web Application service. This will ensure files that need to be updated are not locked by these services
3. From the PM Central Installer, select the Project Management Central Components, then click Install PM Central Installer core components

Icon-WarningImportant: Both of the core components, Project Management Central and Bamboo PM Central Administration Pages will need to be installed before you move on to Part B of the upgrade process.

4. Click through the Systems Check and from the Repair, Remove or Install screen, click Upgrade/Repair Existing and Install New Remove, Repair Screen in the Installer wizard

Review the final screen to confirm that all PM Central components were upgraded successfully.

NOTE: If there are any error messages, capture a copy of the error to submit to the Bamboo Support team.

Part B: Upgrade your existing PM Central sites
1. Following the installation of the Project Management Central core component, PM Central sites will display the following message indicating that the existing sites need to be upgraded.
Upgrade warning message on PM Central site

Bamboo Project Management links in PM Central
From Central Administration, click the Project Central Upgrade Monitoring Page link

NOTE: If you do not see the PM Central logo (shown) in Central Administration next to the Bamboo Project Management Central header, stop and upgrade the Bamboo PM Central Administration Pages before continuing.

3. Restart the SharePoint Timer Service, to prepare for the site upgrade.
PM Central Site Upgrade Screen
4. Use the drop down to select the web application that houses PM Central Sites, then click Upgrade
PM Central Site Upgrade screen
5. The amount of time needed for the upgrade will depend on the number of sites being upgraded.