Upgrade to TTM 2.5

Upgrade to TTM 2.5

An upgrade occurs when you want to install a new version of Time Tracking and Management (TTM) version on your existing farm.

If you are interested in migrating from one version of SharePoint to another version (i.e., SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013), see the topics under Migrating to a new SharePoint version….

To upgrade to Time Tracking and Management follow these steps:

Step Action
Part A: Upgrade Time Tracking and Management Core Components
1. Before starting the Time Tracking and Management upgrade, review the best practices for a successful install
2. Restart the SharePoint Timer Service and SharePoint Administrative Services on any server in the farm running the Microsoft Foundation Web Application service. This will ensure files that need to be updated are not locked by these services
3. From the TTM Installer on the SharePoint Server, select the Time Tracking and Management under the Core Components header, then click the Install button. TTM installer core components
4. Click the Next button on the setup wizard welcome screen Welcome screen
5. When the System Check has completed without error, click Next Remove, Repair Screen in the Installer wizard
6. From Repair, Remove or Install screen select Upgrade/Repair Existing and Install New, then click Next Remove, Repair Screen in the Installer wizard

Review the final screen to confirm that all TTM components were upgraded successfully.
Summary screen

NOTE: If any of the components failed to install, capture a copy of the error message on the screen to the Bamboo Support team.

Part B: Upgrade your existing TTM Central sites
1. Following the installation of the Time Tracking and Management core component, the TTM home page will display the following message indicating the existing sites need to be upgraded.
Upgrade warning message on PM Central siteIcon-WarningImportant:
You should be logged in as a Site Collection Administrator before you perform the site upgrade.

Click the provided link to access the Upgrade Manager

NOTE: The Upgrade Manager can also be accessed from the TTM Control Panel

3. Click the Upgrade button
TTM UpgradeManager
4. An Upgrade Summary will be displayed when the upgrade process has been completed.TTM Upgrade Summary screen