Upgrading Alert Plus from Release 2.x to 3.1

Upgrading Alert Plus from Release 2.x to 3.1

To upgrade Alert Plus from version 2.x to 3.1, you must perform these activities:

  • Stop and uninstall existing Alert Plus services
  • Upgrade the Alert Plus component
  • Run the Alert Plus Utilities

Instructions for all activities are provided below. Make sure to follow ALL instructions carefully to ensure a successful upgrade.

Step Action

Remove existing Alert Plus services. Alert Plus R3.1 and newer use timer jobs instead of services. You must remove the old services since they will not longer be used.

On the SharePoint server where you installed the Alert Plus 2.x services, go to Administrative Tools > Services and stop the following services:

  • Bamboo.AlertPlusService
  • Bamboo.SchedulerService

In Add or Remove Programs (or Programs and Features if you are running Windows Server 2008), uninstall the following programs:

  • Bamboo Alert+ Subscriber Web Service
  • Bamboo.Alert+ Services

In Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, view the Web application where the Alert Plus Web Service was installed. Delete the Bamboo.AlertPlusSubscriber virtual directory (the virtual directory is now orphaned).

virtual directory to remove.jpg

Go to Control Panel > Scheduled Tasks and delete all tasks for Bamboo.AlertPlus. See a typical list in the screen shot below.

scheduled tasks for Bamboo Alert with highlight2.jpg


Upgrade the Alert Plus components by following Upgrading your Bamboo Web Part. Restart the SharePoint Timer service on all Web front-end servers.

NOTE: The SharePoint Timer Service has slightly different names on the different versions of SharePoint.
* SharePoint 2007: Windows SharePoint Services Timer
* SharePoint 2010: SharePoint 2010 Timer


Open a web browser and access the page containing the Alert Plus Web Part to register the site with Alert Plus. You can verify that the site was registered successfully by clicking the Support button in the Alert Plus Web Part toolbar.

Repeat for all sites that contain an Alert+ Configuration List.

If you have several sites that have an Alert Plus web part, it will be easier and much faster to use the Register Site tab of the Alert Plus Utility to upgrade them. Please see Use the Alert Plus Utility to Register Sites.


Run the Alert Plus Utilities. Alert Plus Release 3.1 and higher includes configuration changes to custom alert schedules, event receiver architecture, List Rollup Schema CAML query structure, and the Alert+ Configuration List.

NOTE: These changes are not implemented automatically when the Bamboo Alert Plus Web Part components are upgraded or when the Alert Plus Web Part is accessed on a web page. They must be implemented by running the process found on the Upgrade Alert Plus tab of the Alert Plus Utility.

Please see Use the Alert Plus Utility to Upgrade Sites.