Upgrading Bamboo Lookups from Release 1.0 or 1.1

Upgrading Bamboo Lookups from Release 1.0 or 1.1

Release 2.0 of the Bamboo Lookup Selector allows you to easily import your data from the original Selector and Linked Selector columns when you create a new Lookup Selector.

To copy existing values to a new Lookup Selector column:

Step Action
1. Open the SharePoint list that contains one or more Bamboo Selectors/Linked Selectors.
2. Create a new Lookup Selector column.
3. Set the Source Site, Source List and Display Column values of the new column so that they match those of the old Selector/Linked Selector.

From the Copy old data from list drop-down selector, choose the old Selector/Linked Selector.

NOTE: If the old column is not listed in the drop-down, go back and check that the Lookup Selector’s settings match those of the old column. The Copy old data from list option will only display columns with settings that match.

When you are finished configuring the column, click OK. The existing values from the old Selector/Linked Selector are copied and added to the new column.

NOTE: the data is copied to the new column, and not merely referenced. That means that once you’ve confirmed that the old data has migrated to the new column, you can delete the old column if desired, without losing the values in the new column.