Use Column Level Security on existing data

Use Column Level Security on existing data

Overview of Column Level Security configuration screen

In addition to storing data, the
Column Level Security column can also import existing data from another column. This allows you to encrypt existing data without re-entering it into a new column.

Step Action Result
1. From the desired list, click Create Column. You will be taken to the Create Column configuration tool pane.
2. Name the column and select the Bamboo Column Level Security radio button. Image of the SharePoint Create Column screen
The page will refresh to display the Column Level Security configuration fields.

Select the column Type that matches the data you want to map, keeping in mind that the only supported column types are:

  • Text
  • Number
  • Currency
Image of data type drop downThe screen will refresh to show additional fields if Number or Currency are selected.
4. Select the source column from the Copy old data from drop down. Only the columns that match the selected data type will be displayed.
Image of Copy of Data drop down
5. If you selected Number or Currency as the data Type, match Number of decimal places and Currency format to the original column.
Image of min and max value fields, and the  decimal place and currency drop down selectors

Grant users access to the column contents:

  • Identify users who will be granted permission to Edit the column contents,

  • Identity users who will be able to Read the column contents.

NOTE: The column contents are only available in form displays.

Image of the Edit and Read people pickers
7. Click OK.

Image of original column next to the newly secured content.  Secured content is displayed as a series of dots in the SharePoint list view

The old data will be migrated to the new column.

NOTE: The original column may be deleted without losing the values in the new column.