Use the Bamboo.FixUpgrade utility to resolve broken links

Use the Bamboo.FixUpgrade utility to resolve broken links


Because Alert Plus uses a combination of Web properties, event receivers and SharePoint lists to store URLs, the SharePoint Administrator must run this special command-line utility to update the static URLs associated with Alert Plus alert jobs that existed on the old farm. Until the utility is run, no existing alerts will work on the new farm.

Specifically, the Bamboo.FixUpgrade utility updates:

  • Web Properties (Alert registration information)
  • URLs in the Alert+ Configuration List
  • URLs stored in Event Receivers on Alert lists

NOTE: The Bamboo.FixUpgrade utility is needed when you migrate your SharePoint farm using the Database Attach Upgrade Method (and the URL of the new farm is different than the URL of the old one), regardless of whether you are migrating to a new version of SharePoint or not.


To run the utility, follow these steps:

Step Action

On the SharePoint server in the new SharePoint Farm where Alert Plus was installed, locate the Bamboo.FixUpgrade.exe file. It is located in the Alert Plus product extraction folder in the /misc folder.

NOTE: This utility is run at the command prompt; it doesn’t have a user interface, so don’t bother double-clicking the .exe.

2. fixUpgrade-img1.jpgFrom the Start button on the server, select the Command Prompt and choose Run as administrator.

Change the directory in the Command Prompt to the directory that contains the Bamboo.FixUpgrade.exe file. Enter the following command:

Bamboo.FixUpgrade "[CurrentAlertPlusSiteURL]" "[OldDomainName]" "[NewDomainName]"


  • [CurrentAlertPlusSiteURL] is the site URL where Alert Plus resides in your new SharePoint Farm.
  • [OldDomainName] is the domain name part of the URL you need to change.
  • [NewDomainName] is the domain name part of the URL where your new SharePoint site resides.

See the example below:


Make sure that the alerts are updated successfully by completing the following verification:

  1. Navigate to the site on the new farm that you processed in Step 3.
  2. Select View all Site Contents > Alert+ Configuration List
  3. Verify that the values for the Alert List Site Path and Recipient List Site Path columns have the URL of the new farm.
  4. Navigate to the Alert Plus Web Part on the site and click Support from the top menu.
  5. Under Alert Plus Event Handlers in the Registration Information section, click View. Make sure the information listed includes the URL of the new farm.

Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for each instance of Alert Plus that was migrated to the new farm.

NOTE: Only repeat for Alert Plus instances that existed BEFORE the migration. There is no need to process alerts that are newly created on the new farm.