Read User Profile From…

Read User Profile From…

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SharePoint Portal Server configuration

SPS.jpgIf you are using the SharePoint Portal Server option, you must enter a SharePoint account that must have the “Manage User Profile” permission in order to be able to read and update user profile information. You must also select whether you want to use the search available from User Directory to search user profiles or the MOSS people search, if it is configured.

Active Directory Services configuration

ReadUserProfiles.jpgIf you are using Active Directory Services (ADS), you must enter a domain administrator account that has Read and Write permissions to the ADS database.

NOTE: The domain administrator account is required to connect to Active Directory.

Allow Users To Edit Profile

If you select to read user profiles from Active Directory Services, then you have the option of allowing users to edit their own profiles. If this check box is enabled, a user can edit their profile without the required administrative account rights.

Understand Who Can Modify a User Profile for Active Directory Profiles: All users can view other user profiles.
Only domain users who have Read and Write permissions can edit another user’s profile. The Domain Administrator group has this right by default.