Configure Rating Column to use True/False scale

Configure Rating Column to use True/False scale

Overview of Rating Column configuration screen

Image of True/False resultsWhen the Rating Column is configured to use the True/False rating scale, the following rating statistics will be displayed:

  • The current Overall Rating Percent
    (Positive Vote % – Negative Vote %)

  • True/False tool tip with the following information:

    • Overall Rating Percent
    • Positive Response Statistic
    • Negative Response Statistic
    • Total Ratings Submitted

The following steps require you to have accessed the New Column settings screen, and selected Bamboo Rating as the column type.

Expanded image of the configuration options available when the True/False radio button is selected
The above image has been edited to better represent the configuration options.

1. Click the True/False radio button.

2. Select an Identification Type from the drop down menu.

  • Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down Ratings_TF2.png

  • Green Checkmark/Red X

  • Words (Action buttons with customizable text for the Positive and Negative labels.)

3. Enter the text to be displayed when users mouse over each icon in the Positive and Negative labeled fields.

NOTE: If the Words Identification Type is selected, these values will appear on the buttons.
Example : Yes and No