Using Tab View

Using Tab View

Tab View is a home page Web Part for the KB client site that displays and searches article lists. Read more about configuring Tab View.

The client site also offers another viewing mode, Tree View, which is located in the quick launch.

Viewing Articles

Clicking on an article title from tab view automatically opens the article in a pop-up window. The blue arrow icon next to the article title opens the article in a new browser tab.



The Featured tab displays a dashboard of Popular, Top Rated, Recently Updated, and Recently added articles.

Categories displays articles by category grouping. Click “Next” in the bottom right corner of the web part to view additional categories.

All Articles lists articles by creation date.


Categories & Breadcrumbs

While navigating through categories, Tab View will display a breadcrumb trail of your current location at the top of the display pane. Click on any of the hyperlinked categories in the trail to jump to that category. Clicking on the link icon will display a direct link to the category you are currently viewing, which you can send to other users.



The Search all articles search bar conducts a simple search across Article Title and Article Text and displays results in whatever list view you configured for the Tab View WP. For more robust search options, use the search option in the quick launch menu on the left.