Using the Holiday List in Calendar Plus

Using the Holiday List in Calendar Plus

Overview of Calendar Plus Configuration settings

Holiday View Settings configuration screen

The Holiday list settings screen allows you to point to an existing SharePoint list that identifies holidays.

When Calendar Plus is configured to reference a Holiday List, items from the list will be displayed in all Calendar Plus views

Step Action Result

Enter the Site URL to the site containing the Holiday List you want to show in the calendar then click the green arrow button.

Both absolute paths (http :// server name/site ) or relative paths(./Site/) can be used for the site URL. Bamboo recommends using relative paths if:

  • Multiple Alternative Access Mappings are being used
  • The Web part will be included in a site template
Site URL field
The available lists and libraries on that site will be listed in SharePoint List or Library drop-down menu.
2. Select the desired list or library, then select the column that contains the values you want to display in the item cell from the Item Display Column drop down.SharePoint List and Item Display drop down menus Item display column text in holiday cell

Icon-Tip To display the contents of more than one column in the item cell, create a Calculated column in the list or library and build a string formula that includes each column you want to display.

3. Select the Date and Time column(s) in the list or library that will be displayed in the calendar. Enter the desired start and end date fields from the drop-down menus If you based the calendar on an Interval (Start to End) in the General Settings, then you must enter date columns that represent a start and end date for the items. If you based the calendar on a Single Date select just one date column
Image of the Base Calendar on Single Date or Interval drop down selector found on the general settings screen.
4. Click Select Color to change the color that will be used to identify Holiday list items in the calendar display Click the Select Color box to change holiday item color The Bamboo Color Picker will pop up on the screen.
5. Select Yes from the Holiday Text Wrap drop-down item text displayed in the calendar, then enter the maximum size (in pixels) allowed for the the wrapped text. Keep in mind:
If enabled, this setting is applied to all item cells in the calendar.