Using Value Comparison as a Validator

Using Value Comparison as a Validator

Overview of Validator Column configuration screen

Value Comparison allows the Validator Column to compare a user-entered value with either a pre-defined value or a value contained in another column within the current list, via comparisons, such as greater than/less than for numeric values, and contains/begins with/ends with for text values.

Image of the Validator column configuration screen when the Column and Value Comparison check box is selected
The image has been edited to better represent the configuration options.

NOTE: The following steps require you to have accessed the New Column settings screen and selected Bamboo Validator as the column type.


Select the type of data to be entered into the column from the Column Data Type drop-down menu. The available choices are:

  • Single Line of Text

  • Number

  • Currency

NOTE: Additional formatting options may appear in the configuration screen based on your selection.

2. Check the Column and Value Comparison check box to expose the value comparison configuration options.

Select the operator to be used in the value comparison:

  • contains
  • is equal to

  • is not equal to

  • begins with

  • ends with

  • is greater than

  • is greater than or equal to

  • is less than

  • is less than or equal to

NOTE:The options shown are associated with the Number column data types. The available choices will differ based on the currently assigned Column Data Type.


Select either Enter value to set a specific comparison value, or Select column to use a comparison value from another column in the List.

  • If you choose Enter value, provide the value in the blank field on the right.

  • If you choose Select column, choose the column from the drop-down menu on the right.

5. Enter the required message that will be displayed when an entered value is determined to be invalid in the Validation message field.