Versioning for Simple Publishing Workflows

Versioning for Simple Publishing Workflows

To create a new version of a workflow published using a Simple Publishing option (Publish to List, Publish to Site, Publish to Site Collection, or Publish as Site Workflow):

  1. In Conductor Studio, go to Workflow > Open and open the workflow template.
  2. Edit the workflow template and save it with the same name.
  3. Publish the updated template.
  4. Conductor will detect that there is already a published workflow with the same name and will ask if you want to overwrite it. Select the Overwrite option to publish the new version.

Instances of the old workflow version that are in progress will continue to run until they are complete. New instances of the workflow will run as the new workflow version.

NOTE: Simple Publishing workflows cannot overwrite Solution Deployment workflows. However, Simple Publishing workflows can overwrite other Simple Publishing workflows. The table below shows which Simple Publishing workflows can be overwritten.

New workflows… Can overwrite existing workflows of the same name…
Published to List Published to List
Published to Site Published to List or Site*
Published to Site Collection Published to Site Collection*
Published as Site Workflow Published as Site Workflow

* If you check the option to automatically associate the workflow with the current list when you publish the new workflow version, the copy of the workflow of the same name that is associated to the list where Studio was started will be updated with the new workflow version. Workflows of the same name associated to other lists in the site (or other sites) will not be updated. If you do not check the auto-associate option, the existing workflow association for the current list will continue to use the old workflow version, but any new associations you add will use the new workflow version.