Video Library Supported File Types

Video Library Supported File Types

Media File Types Supported by Video Library

For the most up-to-date list of media file formats that can be played by Video Library, click the Supported File Formats link on the page where you upload new media files. For Video Library 2.0, the supported file formats include:

  • Windows Media Video Files (7, 8, 9, and Advanced Profile): WMV, WM, ASF
  • MP4 files (MPEG-4 Part 2/Part 10): MP4
  • Flash video files: FLV
  • Audio Video Interleave (AVI) Files: AVI
  • MPEG files (MPEG-1/MPEG-2 Part 2): MPEG, MPG, MPE, MPV2
  • Various audio files: MP3, MP2, MPA, WMA, WAV

Supported File Types for Thumbnail Images

The free version of Microsoft Expression Encoder 3 can generate thumbnail images for the file types listed below. Note that Microsoft Expression Encoder 3 (free version) cannot generate thumbnail images for all of the file formats supported by Video Library (see above). You can manually assign thumbnail images to unsupported file types. If you are unsure if Video Library will be able to generate a thumbnail for your video file, try importing the file into Microsoft Expression Encoder. If you see a thumbnail in Expression Encoder, you will see one in Video Library.

For your convenience, a link to the Microsoft Expression Encoder 3 (free version) download page is provided in the Video Library Setup program. For more information about installing Microsoft Expression Encoder, read Installing Microsoft Expression Encoder in the Video Library Installation section.

  • Windows Media Video (WMV)
  • DVD video (VOB)
  • Audio Video Interleave (AVI)
  • Microsoft Digital Video Recording (DVR-MS)