Change the current site for Alerts Administrator

Change the current site for Alerts Administrator

Overview of Alerts Administrator display

Alerts Administrator provides users, with the appropriate administrative permissions, the ability to quickly and easily create and manage SharePoint alerts.

Unlike out-of-the-box alert administration tools, Alerts Administrator allows you to work with alerts in a web application simply by changing the current site information displayed in the console.

Step Action Result

To view the alerts associated with another site, click the edit icon next to the site path hyperlink on the Alerts Administrator display page
Current site1.png

NOTE: Clicking the hyperlink will return you to the sites homepage

The URL for the existing current site will be displayed

Replace the existing text with the URL to the desired site located in the same web application and click the Load button

1. The new site must be in the same web application
2. You must have administrative permissions on the destination site to complete this action or you will see the following message:


HW39_New_Site_URL.pngThe Enter Site URL field will remain visible on the page and the console will display the alerts associated with the new site