Weather Providers and Locations

Weather Providers and Locations

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Step Action Result
Select Weather Provider Choose your preferred weather provider. Providers.jpg
Weather content and images may vary by provider. Some weather providers require an API key. If required, you must contact these providers directly to request a key.
Search Weather Location You can select up to 20 Current Weather Locations to be displayed on the page. SearchingLocations.jpg
Search Results The results appear in the drop down so when you click the Add button, the results will display.

To add a new location:

  • Type the name of the city in the Search Weather Location text box. Cities matching the search criteria are displayed in the Search Results list.
  • Select the desired city from the Search Results drop down list.
  • Click Add.

To change the order in which locations are displayed on the page:

  • Check the box at the end of the weather location row to select it.
  • Click Up or Down to move the location in the display list.
  • To remove a weather location:
  • Check the box at the end of the weather location row to select it.
  • Click Remove.

To customize the display name for a location:

  • Enter a custom display name in the Display Name box.
  • Leave this box blank to accept the default display name.

To display the weather in Celsius and/or Fahrenheit

  • Select the appropriate check box (C or F) for each location. Selecting both boxes will display both temperature formats.
  • The temperature display will default to Fahrenheit if no option is selected.

To add a hyperlink to the location:

  • Enter a URL in the Link box. This URL will be opened in a new browser window when you click on the location name.
  • Leave this box blank to default to a Bing Maps view of the location.

To add an RSS feed to a location:

  • Enter an RSS feed location in the RSS Feeds box. RSS feed contents will be displayed when you click the RSS Feeds icon (Icon-RSS).
  • For more information about how to enter RSS feeds, click here or click the RSS Feeds column name.
Weather Preferences

Select the Show Weather checkbox to display current weather data.

  • Choose a Detailed forecast time period to be displayed when you click on the Detailed Forecast icon

  • Select the Show Country/Province checkbox to display the location name for the selected location.

showResults.jpgIn the example here, we are displaying the weather in diverse locations across the globe. Since Europe and Asia use the Celsius measurement for temperatures, we are displaying temperatures in Celsius for those countries while showing temperatures in Fahrenheit for locations in the US. We also show the country and province for the location in this example.