What to do if filtering data returns an error

What to do if filtering data returns an error

Running into an error when filtering your data? There could be many implications depending on the type of filters you are performing on your content. Below is one example of an error you may see when using the “Between” or “NotBetween” filters on a date column.

Filtering Data Between Two Dates

Error Message: Item Command: : Filter value is not a valid format. To filter fields using the ‘is between’ or ‘is not between’ operator, use the format ‘value1 to value2’.

HW37-ErrorFIlteringBetween.pngNotice in this selection, the data being filtered is between 6/21/2015 and 6/25/2015. This triggers an error message because the data is from one date up to another date.

The message is explaining what the user needs to do; rather than using and to connect the dates, change it to to because the filter is looking for a match from date1 to date2.

If using the filter “NotBetween”, the same error would display as Data-Viewer uses the same algorithm to filter the data.

Filter-NoErrors.pngSimply changing the value to the word to between the dates makes the filter process clean and alleviates the error message.

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