Widget URL References

Widget URL References

URL references are special references that allow you to include a hyperlink in an e-mail body with a different display name than the URL (e.g., Bamboo instead of http://www.bamboosolutions.com). URL references are supported in task e-mail templates, in the Send Email widget Body property, and in the Request Approval Widget and Request Feedback Task Description properties.

URL references must be typed into the e-mail Body or Task Description rich text field, and must be in the following format:

[_URL(http://url.com), _Text(Text to display)]

Both the _URL and the _Text properties of the URL reference support lookups as all or part of the property. Below are some examples of valid URL references. Lookups are noted in purple; you can insert a lookup anywhere you see the lookup icon (Icon-Search) or the Add Lookup (Button-AddLookup) button.

Availability of specific lookups will vary between Conductor Studio and the e-mail template editor.

Hyperlink to specific URL
[_URL(http://www.bamboosolutions.com) ,_Text(Bamboo)]Bamboo

Hyperlink to document
(Click here for more information)
[_URL({Reference:List URL (Absolute)}/{CurrentItem:Name}) ,_Text({CurrentItem:Name})] Sample Document

Hyperlink to item DispForm.aspx page

[_URL({Reference:Item URL}) ,_Text({CurrentItem:Name}) Properties] Sample Document Properties

Hyperlink to SharePoint Workflow Status page
[_URL({Reference:Workflow Status URL}) ,_Text(Click to view workflow status)] Click to view workflow status

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