Conductor Studio Logging

Conductor Studio Logging

Configuring WF Conductor General Settings

sa08CPGeneralSettingsLogging.jpgSelect the level of logging you would like the Conductor Studio to perform during workflow design.

This log level selection only affects logging during Design time. Logging performed when a workflow runs is based on settings that are configured for each widget in the workflow.

The options are:

  • All
  • General Info
  • Debug Info
  • Warnings
  • Errors

Selecting Errors will log the least information. As you go up the list (i.e., to Warnings and then Debug Info), more information will be logged.

Icon-Warning IMPORTANT: Selecting All will write all possible log information to the database, and will increase the amount of database activity. This may result in performance issues. You may want to set logging to this only temporarily, when you are debugging a particular issue.

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