Workflow Error Reporting

Workflow Error Reporting

Configuring WF Conductor General Settings

sa08CPGeneralSettingsErrorReporting.jpgSelect the user who will receive an E-mail message when a workflow error occurs.

By default, Report errors to the workflow initiator is checked, so only the workflow initiator will be notified. You can choose to notify the workflow initiator, the workflow designer and/or any user, Active Directory group, or list of E-mail addresses.

Icon-Warning IMPORTANT:

  • Workflow Initiators are the users who start a workflow manually or create/modify an item that may trigger an automatic workflow to start.
  • If the workflow starts automatically, the Workflow Initiator may not be aware of the workflow and may be confused if they receive an email about a workflow error. You may decide to send workflow error emails to the Workflow Designer or specific users instead.

Icon-Tip Use the following syntax tips to enter lists of users:

  • Enter user accounts in the format DOMAINUser
  • Enter group names with square brackets (i.e., [Group Name])
  • Separate multiple entries with a comma.

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