Workflow initialization form

Workflow initialization form

If you need to collect information from a user in an initialization form when a workflow is started, add a Workflow Form in Conductor Studio. The Workflow Form is made up of one or more fields. Each field is stored in a workflow variable, which can be used by the widgets in the workflow. See the example at the end of this section for more information about using Workflow Form variables.

NOTE: Workflows with an initialization form must be configured with a manual Start Option to allow users the opportunity to complete the required form fields. The only supported Start Options are Allow this workflow to be manually started by an authenticated user with Edit Items Permissions and Require Manage List Permissions to start the workflow.

To create a Workflow Initialization Form:

Step Action Result
1. Click the Add Field button in the Workflow Settings tab. This will display the Form Builder. The Form Builder allows you to add fields to the initialization form presented to the user when the workflow starts. Use this same form to edit, delete, or rearrange fields once the initialization form is created. FormSettingsP1.jpg

In the Form Builder page:

  • Click Add to add a new field to the initialization form.
  • Select a field and click Modify to modify the settings for an existing field.
  • Select a field and click Delete to delete an existing field from the form.
    Select a field and click Move Up or Move Down to rearrange the order of the field on the form.

When you click Add or Modify, complete the following in the Forms Settings pages:

Page One:
* Field Name: Enter a name for the field in the initialization form. The name can contain spaces, but not other special characters. This name will also be the name of the variable in the workflow, which can be used by workflow widgets.
* Description: Optionally, enter a Description for the field. This text will appear below the field in the initialization form.
* Information Type: Select a data type for the form field. Supported data types are:

  • Single line of text
  • Multiple lines of text
  • Number
  • Date and Time
  • Choice
  • Yes/No

Click Next to proceed to the second page of the Forms Settings.


Page Two:

  • Optionally, enter a Default Value for the form field. You may have different options for default values depending on the data type selected in the previous page. The screenshot below shows Default Value options for a Date and Time field.
  • Click Finish to complete the initialization form field settings and return to the Form Builder.

See Example Using Initialization Form